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Injury Master solves all your workers compensation issues

With powerful features designed with your business in mind

Autoform Submission

Injury Master has all the forms you require to manage your workplace injuries. Create and send forms directly from Injury Master to your chosen contacts, including relevant authorities and case managers.

Wage Compensation Calculator

Every state in Australia has different requirements, so compensation calculations can be complicated. Injury Master is smart and intuitive making complex calculations simple. Use the system record entitlements, request reimbursements and reconcile payments in one place.

Dashboard with Workflow Status

The dashboard contains a customisable workflow status to enable you to set your own targets in line with state requirements. Injury Masters ‘traffic light’ system shows completed, due and overdue steps. With alerts and pending actions proceed through the claims process and never miss a step.

Tablet / Smart Phone Compatible

Injury Master is compatible with any device, including your tablet and smart phone.

Manage Multi-states / Companies / Divisions

Replicate your national company structure in Injury Master. User access levels can also be customised to provide a range of system entry points ensuring ongoing security.

Document Library

Injury Master’s document library contains forms and letters, such as return to work plans and incident notification forms, so you can generate and upload relevant documents with ease.


Always stay up-to-date with claims. Injury Master’s automatically generated personalised alerts sent to your Injury Master inbox or your email address remind you when medical certificates and return to work plans are due.

Calendar Integration to Devices

Injury Master’s calendar is compatible with your email service – Outlook, iCal, Gmail – so you can check the status of all incidents and claims wherever you are without having to log-on to Injury Master.

Data Library for Contacts, Locations, Suitable Duties

Search the data library for a range of continually updated information that can be applied to specific claims and incidents.

Integrated Search and Filter Integrated Search and Filter

Quickly search for incidents and claims by entering details such as the worker’s name or injury type. Filter incidents and claims according to the relevant state scheme applicable to them.

Customised User Access and Permission Levels Customised User Access and Permission Levels

For security and privacy, control user access and specify what information any particular user can see, such as company details, cost centres, wages and personal information.

Archive Claims and Records Archive Claims and Records

Remove completed or closed records from general view but keep information within the system. Quick and easy access to these archived incidents or claims is at your fingertips when required.

Manage Cost Centres Manage Cost Centres

Injury Master enables a tailor-made set-up to match your company structure, including your cost centre details.

Actions and File Notes Actions and File Notes

Actions allow users to send reminders, tasks and notes to Injury Master users and non-users directly from the system. Once information is uploaded, Injury Master stores it centrally and securely allowing easy access for all users.

Help and Support Help and Support

The online help and support area features clear and easy-to-follow instructions and helpful information. The Injury Master Help Desk also enables you to submit a query online and guarantees a fast response.

PIAWE Calculators PIAWE Calculators

Pre Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE) calculators can determine workers’ wage compensation rates for each state in Australia.

Single Sign-On Single Sign-On

Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), Injury Master can be accessed through your company’s in-house sign-on details.

Auto-updates for Legislative Changes Auto-updates for Legislative Changes

Injury Master automatically updates changes to legislation as they are implemented, so you can be sure the latest information is always available.

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